Virginia Birding & Wildlife Trail

Seven Charles City sites (Berkeley Plantation, Harrison Lake National Fish Hatchery, Lawrence Lewis Jr. Park, North Bend Plantation, Piney Grove at Southall’s Plantation, Sherwood Forest Plantation, and Westover) are a part of the Virginia Birding & Wildlife Trail. For information about the Birding & Wildlife Trail and the birds and wildlife to be seen in Charles City County, look for the guide’s Coastal Area and Plantation Loop.

Charles City is a great place to watch for birds. The Audubon Society has been conducting a Christmas Bird Count for more than 100 years. For more than the past 50 years the Richmond Audubon Society has conducted the count in 15-mile diameter area called the Hopewell Sector which includes Shirley, Berkeley, Westover and the Harrison Lake National Fish Hatchery. In the last count for which data is available online, 37 bird watchers in the Hopewell sector reported sighting 103 species. The rough count included 61 Bald Eagle sightings.

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